Friday , 23 July 2021

Iran: Pishin Dam In Sarbaz Dried Out

Iran-HRM – Pishin Dam in Sarbaz Township, south of Sistan & Baluchistan Province dried out due to draught and decrease in the amount of rain.

Pishin Dam

This dam was built with the capacity of 175 million m3. Its goal was to accumulate the seasonal rain for preventing a flood and reviving agricultural lands of Bahokalat Dashtyari lands.

The Deputy for Planning and Construction Affairs of Sarbaz cited: “Right now the amount of water is less than 25 million m3, 18 million m3 of which are sediment and unusable”.

“Sarbaz Township is facing many problems, having no water and draught. So far there has been irreversible damage to different sections”, he said. (The state-run IRNA News Agency- May 9, 2018)