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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Can ‘de-dollarization’ break Iran’s economic isolation?

Al-Monitor – While the nuclear deal struck between Iran and six world powers in 2015 lifted international sanctions, it failed to remove primary US restrictions on dollar transactions. As such, some in Iran have grown to view currency swap agreements (CSAs) with other countries as a way to overcome remaining US sanctions. This is even though many swaps do not …

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Iran lashes out at US-French dealmaking

Al-Monitor – Concurrent with French President Emmanuel Macron’s trip to the United States, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has warned Europe about going over Iran’s head to reach a deal with Washington regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

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Iranians Criticize Rouhani Officials For Blaming the Victim in Video of Morality Police Assaulting Woman

CHRI – Several Iranian public figures have criticized Rouhani admin officials for blaming the victim in a video of a woman being assaulted by Iran’s morality police. Journalist Fatemeh Jamalpour tweeted: “Some of the reactions have been more upsetting than the incident itself. The interior minister called the woman ‘foul-mouthed.’ Ebtekar said the incident was ‘attributed’ to the Guidance Patrol. Mowlaverdi said the way …

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Iran set for landmark jump of 70% in aluminum output

PayvandNews – Iran’s aluminum production is headed for a landmark rise of 70% when a new smelter comes online early next year, making the country self-sufficient in the strategic metal, Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade Mehdi Karbasian has said.

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In Iran’s Tough Job Market University Graduates Face High Unemployment

Radiofarda – More than forty percent of the unemployed in Iran are university graduates, says a representative of the government’s Planning and Management Organization (PMO). “42 percent of unemployed people in Iran have a university degree, and huge sums of money have been spent on their education,” said PMO Deputy for Social Development Sa’eed Namaki, adding that unemployment among university …

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Iran Pours Scorn On Nuclear Talks, Dismisses ‘Tradesman’ Trump

Radiofarda – Iran’s president poured scorn on Wednesday on U.S. and European discussions over Tehran’s nuclear agreement, and dismissed Donald Trump as a “tradesman” who lacked the qualifications to deal with a complex international pact. Hassan Rouhani spoke after French President Emmanuel Macron flew to Washington to try to persuade Trump not to scrap the 2015 agreement – under which …

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