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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Iran Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence For Kurdish Opponent

Radiofarda – A branch of Iran’s Supreme Court has upheld the death sentence of a Kurdish citizen, his lawyer said in an exclusive interview with Radio Farda’s Mahtab Vahidi Rad. In a statement on February 5, Amnesty International (AI) said, “Ramin Hossein Panahi, from Iran’s Kurdish minority, started a hunger strike on January 27 after he learned that he had …

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Arab League Summit Slams Iran, Chemical Weapons Use In Syria

RFL/RE – A summit of the Arab League has called for an international probe into the “criminal” use of chemical weapons in Syria and condemned what it said was Iran’s interference in the affairs of Arab countries. The summit in Saudi Arabia came a day after the United States, along with allies France and Britain, launched air strikes on Syria …

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Why an Iranian Rights Violator Isn’t in Prison

HRW – It seems that an infamous Iranian prosecutor – someone sentenced to two years in prison for complicity in the death of one person arrested during Iran’s 2009 anti-government protests – has vanished before he could even be arrested. At least, that is what a spokesperson from Iran’s judiciary said on Thursday. “An arrest warrant has been issued but …

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Europe, Trump and the Iran nuclear deal

Al-Arabia – The so-called Iran nuclear deal, a witches’ brew concocted by that most deserving of Nobel peace laureates Barack Obama, has furnished the theme of many bizarre diplomatic twists and turns. The latest is an attempt by sections of the European Union to persuade President Donald Trump to renege on his campaign promise to improve or scrap the “deal.”

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