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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Five Detainees in Borujerd under Pressure for False Confessions

HRANA News Agency – The Ministry of Intelligence issued a statement announcing the arrest of “the core of the terrorist group in Borujerd”. The statement claimed that the core has played a role in subversive acts during the recent national protests. Also, a member of this group has been wounded in a clash during the arrest, according to the security …

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Eight Prisoners Including Two Afghans Executed in Iran

Iran Human Rights – Eight prisoners most of whom were charged with murder were secretly executed at Rajai Shahr Prison. According to a close source, on the morning of Wednesday, April 18, eight prisoners most of whom were charged with murder were executed at Rajai Shahr Prison. One of the prisoners were identified as Akbar Eftekhari from ward 6, who …

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Iran FM: Trump administration ‘never in’ nuclear deal

Al-Monitor — Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, speaking with Al-Monitor in New York, said that if President Donald Trump withholds the next round of Iran sanctions waivers due May 12, effectively exiting the nuclear deal, Tehran could resume its nuclear program “in a much more advanced way.” 

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Iran’s President Rohani Criticizes Violence By Morality Police

RFL/RE – Iran’s President Hassan Rohani has criticized the morality police’s use of violence against women failing to observe the compulsory Islamic dress code, state media reported on April 21. Iran’s President Hassan Rohani Source: Rouzegare Ma daily Rohani said some believe that “promoting virtue and preventing vice” — the morality police’s stated mandate — is done “by going to the street …

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18 Wetlands Totally Drained In Iran: Deputy Environment Chief

PayvandNews – Some 18 wetlands in Iran are completely dried up and some 24 are in critical condition, deputy chief of the Department of Environment, Masoud Tajrishi, has said. Tajrishi highlighted that the wetlands in Iran are not in a good condition and if the current trend of low precipitation continues the wetlands will turn to hotspots for sand and …

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Providing fresh and solid evidence for the rejection of the sentence issued by Judge Mohammadi Kashkoli in the lower court against Mr. Mohammadiyar Salas, the innocent accused!

kianetasavof  -The three trial sessions of Mr. Mohammadiya Salas – The alleged driver of the “crazy bus” on the evening of 19th February 2018 in Pasdaran Avenue, Tehran, were held in the 9th branch of the Tehran Penal Court, headed by Judge Mohammadi Kashkoli and in the presence of two high counsellors – Abbasi and Volkie – within the assembly …

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Offense Plan Needed In ‘Intelligence War’ Says Khamenei

Radiofarda – Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei blames foreign intelligence for everything from the depreciating value of the national currency to in-fighting among the country’s intelligence services and general discord in the country. Speaking to a group of top security officials at the Intelligence Ministry April 18, Khamenei said the Islamic Republic is engaged in a “complicated intelligence war” …

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