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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Iran: Baha’i Man Still Unable To Open Business After 10 Years

Iran-HRM – The business of a Baha’i citizen identified as Payam Wali was closed down more than 10 years ago by government institutions. Mr. Wali’s attempts at opening his business again by taking his case to the appeals court, the Supreme Court, and other government agencies over the past 10 years has been futile and the business of this citizens …

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Iran Makes Widespread Arrests Following Ahwaz Protests Against Discrimination

Iran-HRM – Iranian regime has a long history of applying discriminatory policies against the ethnic and religious minorities. In a last episode, the state TV showed a cartoon in which it used figurines to depict various ethnicity but the segment completely ignored the Arab origins of Ahwaz. Major discontent flared up in the city of Ahwaz, the Khuzestan provincial capital …

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Iranian Cleric Floats ‘Vatican’ Plan For Holy Shi’ite City Of Qom

RFL/RE – Home to some of its most influential clerics, Qom is among Iran’s most important cities, politically and religiously. Thousands of religious authorities are based at its seminaries, and the city is also a frequent stop for politicians eager to brief senior ayatollahs in hopes of getting their approval for their plans and policies. Yet at least one cleric …

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Iranians Hit By ‘Perfect Currency Storm’

RFL/RE – Every day, hundreds head to Tehran’s bustling Ferdowsi street to buy foreign currency, only to find that many exchange offices have shut up shop, have turned off their currency-rate displays, or have signs up reading, “We don’t have U.S. dollars to sell.”

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Iran Bans Banks From Using Cryptocurrencies

RFL/RE – Iran has banned the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by its banks and financial institutions. “The use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in all the country’s monetary and financial centers was banned,” an April 23 statement by the central bank said. It said the decision had been made in December by the government’s money-laundering committee and it …

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Iran Arrests Ex-Prosecutor Dubbed ‘Torturer of Tehran’

VOA – Iranian police have arrested a former prosecutor known as the “torturer of Tehran,” who faces a two-year prison sentence over the death of prisoners following 2009 protests, Iranian media reported Sunday. The official website of the judiciary,, said former Tehran prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi had been arrested, without elaborating. The semi-official Tasnim news agency said police detained Mortazavi …

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Activists and UN Officials Call on Iran to Stop the Hanging of a Kurdish Prisoner

Radiozamaneh – UN officials and right to life activists in Iran have called upon Iran to stop the execution of a Kurdish prisoner who has reportedly not received a fair trial and has been tortured in prison.×170.jpg 300w,×34.jpg 60w” sizes=”(max-width: 519px) 100vw, 519px” style=”vertical-align: middle; max-width: 660px; height: auto;”> The impending execution of Ramin Hossein Panahi who was arrested on 22 …

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Shapur Rashno Deprived of Meeting His Lawyer

HRANA News Agency – Shapur Rashno, an activist in Andimeshk city, has been arrested by Intelligence Office’s agents in Ahwaz on January 7, 2018. Despite several weeks since being arrested, he is still deprived of the right to have a lawyer.

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