Thursday , 21 March 2019

Why the human rights violations in Iran should matter to the West

Shabtabnews- In response to the Iranian regime’s increasing clampdown of ordinary Iranians, since the recent protests, the IOPHR (International organisation to preserve human rights) released a new press release, urging the Western governments to condemn all the Iranian regime’s human rights violations and to give the regime’s human rights violations the same priority, as their concerns in regard to Iranian nuclear enrichment.

Moreover, the IOPHR statement, which was also backed by other human rights organisations, such as: Human Right Watch Without Borders, stresses that the lack of actions by the Western governments’ in response to Iranian regime’s human right violations, not only has consequences for the ordinary Iranians, but also has a global impact. Especially, given the expansionary policy of the Iranian regime, and its effects on the lives of people in the Middle East, and in the West. As evidenced, by the ever increasing large number of immigrants fleeing the region towards the West.

IOPHR also points out that failure of Westerns governments’ to support groups in Iran with moderate and peaceful interpretation of Islam, such as the Sufis, can only lead to continued suppression of this moderate voice and its ultimate elimination. All of which, will further aid the expansion of extremist ideology under the name of “Islam” that not only threatens the Middle East, but also the peace in the West.


Following the press release a number of MEPs voiced their support for those who have suffered human rights abuses in Iran, and they in particular demanded that the Iranian regime free the head of Gonabadi Sufis in Iran, Dr Noorali Tabandeh, who has been under house arrest, since February 2018. Furthermore, a number of MEPs also demanded the freedom of prisoners of conscience and the Sufis who were arrested during the February protest, including the immediate release of Mr Salas, a Sufi who has been falsely accused of driving a bus into the crowd and causing three fatalities.


IOPHR press release:


The video Statement of Gerard Deprez MEP (vice-chairman of the delegation of Euro-Latin American Assembly):


The video Statement of Julie Ward MEP (British Member of European Parliament):


The video Statement Jan Figel MEP (Special Envoy for promotion of freedom of religion or belief outside of EU):