Friday , 2 December 2022

Iran: Bushehr Friday Prayer Imam Says Music Is Haram

Iran-HRM – A sermon by Hassan Mosleh, the Friday Prayer Imam of the town of Borazjan in Bushehr was published in the local Khabar-e Junoob newspaper which indicates that he is fundamentally against music.

“In our hadiths and traditions, there are numerous disadvantages to listening to music”, he said.

“Some of the most important of these damages include nerve imbalance, insanity, a short lifespan, nerve weakness, hypertension, and depression”, Hassan Mosleh said.

“(Music) is also an element of prostitution and crime, and causes hearing problems, weakness in eyesight to the extent of blindness, losing the ability to think, loss of willpower, losing one’s zeal, sudden death, hypocrisy, loss of life’s blessings, and leads to becoming cruel and a time waster”, he added.

According to him, only music for funerals, military marches and cymbals are not forbidden. (The state-run Khabar Online Website – Apr. 5, 2018)