Friday , 2 June 2023

26 Arrested In Major Protest By Arab Nationality Residents In Ahwaz, Iran

Iran-HRM – Security forces on March 29, arrested 26 of Arab nationality residents peacefully protesting insult by the state TV in Ahwaz, capital of Khuzistan Province in south west Iran.

Arab nationality residents

Thousands of people staged extensive protests in Ahwaz, on March 28 and 29, 2018, against racist presentation in the state-run television.

The protest was against a children’s program broadcast on the second day of the New Iranian Year by the state-run television, in which the presenter placed dolls with different folkloric costumes on the map of Iran where they belonged. But for southwestern Iran and Ahwaz, he placed a doll which did not have the Arab costume.

Security forces responded with tear gas to peaceful protesters who stood up to anti-riot units, saying their rally is completely peaceful.

Protesters resisted the security forces’ attacks and conflicts and clashes broke out in several cases.

Some received amateur footage clearly show anti-riot units imposing crackdown against people protesting state TV insult. Shots are heard.