Saturday , 25 May 2024

High official in the Iranian regime confess that the violence is not done by Gonabadi dervishes but is imposed on them

Mr Ali Younesi, the previous secretary of the intelligence service of Iran and current advisor of the presidency on the affairs of the tribes and religious minorities called the recent events at the Golestan street an “disaster” and explained the root cause being the infiltration of the enemies of Iran within the security forces and the results of fanatic thinking.

“These anti-Sufi elements do not even allow the Gonabadi Dervishes to study at the universities in Iran.”

According to Jamaran, where the letter of Mr Younesi was published on 4th of March 2018, he further explained:

Last week I received a call from the mayor of Tehran where he said that “the Gonabadi Dervishes are saying the if Mr Younesi gives us reassurance that you are not going to arrest our head spiritual leader (Mr Tabandeh), we will end our gathering outside of his house on Golestan 7th street.”

Then I sent a message to the leader of the Dervishes saying that he should condemn the gathering or any kind of anti-social behaviour, and thus the entire thing was over.

Some are however worrying everyone by spreading false information that Iran is on the verge of destruction and that the people abandoning Shia Islam. We still don’t know the reasons behind this kind of misinformation being systematically propagated targeting some of our clerics in Iran.

A cleric that is worried by the activities of the Dervish groups is only showing his own weakness because his discourse has failed to attract people.

Some wish to force and provocate these Sufi orders to become violent.

These people believe that if things continue as they have, the government of Iran won’t act against these Sufi orders, but if they somehow transform these Sufi orders to anti-revolutionary and violent people, then the government is forced act against them.

Unfortunately, during Ahmadinejad’s regime, they once again turned violently against these orders repressing them and destroying the gathering places and houses of prayer of the Gonabadi dervishes in Qom and some other cities as well.

The government must determine and be clear on its own strategy; there are many things that the government does not control where the outside cooperation with the government is not very good; we should not allow the government to become a hostage to bad management.

This disaster is because of the influence of fanatics and agents of the enemy, those who do not even allow the supporters and followers of the Gonabadi Sufi order to even study in the universities.

The place for solving religious and cleric conflicts are in the Qom Seminary, it is the duty of the government to ensure the safety of all these groups and orders along with all the people of our nation.