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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Iran’s police step in to contain foreign currency debacle

Al-Monitor -After two months of fluctuations in the foreign exchange market, with the US dollar rate breaking all records in Iran, the police have stepped in to prevent the further devaluation of the rial on the open market. Over the past six months or so, the dollar has jumped from 39,000 rials to around 49,000 rials. According to Tasnim News …

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PM 2.5 level ‘beyond hazardous’ as another dust storm hits southwestern Iran

PayvandNews -The recent sand and dust storms have increased the PM 2.5 fine particles concentration to a ‘beyond hazardous’ level in the southwestern city of Ahwaz, Khuzestan province, on Tuesday. According to Khuzestan provincial department of environment the fine dust concentration has jumped to 60 times above the recommended limits once again over the past months. While the normal level of pollution …

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Renault’s investment in Iran to hit 800 million Euros

PayvandNews – French automaker Renault is going to expand activities in Iran, boosting its total investments in the country to 800 million Euros, IRNA reported quoting the company’s director for MENA region. Speaking at the 5th edition of Iran’s Automotive Industry International Conference in Tehran on Tuesday, Pascal Felten noted that with the new round of cooperation between Iran and …

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Film Review: Tehran Taboo

filmjournal -The fascinating animated drama Tehran Taboo doesn’t dismiss outright the reality that many residents of the Iranian city might enjoy happily devout or mundane lives, going about their business by the strict codes and regulations of the Islamic Republic. However, this film, written and directed by Ali Soozandeh, is wholly disinterested in those who are leading devoutly moral lives. …

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Christian Convert Arrested In Tabriz Still In Jail

RFL/RE – An Iranian man who converted to Christianity is still in custody after being arrested December 10, 2017, a spokesman for human rights group Article 18 confirmed in an interview with Radio Farda. Article 18 in Defense of Iranian Christians, an NGO that takes its name from the article guaranteeing religious freedom in Iran’s constitution, reported on its website …

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MP Speaks Out Against Scholar’s Death Sentence

Iranian MP Mahmoud Sadeghi has said that an Iranian scholar from Sweden who was sentenced to death was denied sufficient opportunity to defend himself during his trial. Ahmadreza Jalali (or Djalali), a resident of Sweden since 2009, is a physician and researcher affiliated with the Karolinska Institute near Stockholm. While on an official academic visit hosted by Tehran University, Jalali …

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36,000 Children Married And 1,200 Children Divorced In One Year In Iran

Iran-HRM – Zahra Rahimi, the director of the Imam Ali Student Group, said that based on the yearly statistics of the National Organization for Civil Registration in 2015, there were 179 marriages of girls under the age of 10 and 36,000 marriages of girls aged 10 to 14 years registered in one year. According to provincial statistics, only in 2015, …

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