Friday , 27 November 2020

Security forces try to discredit the Gonabadi Dervishes by blaiming them for the death of 3 police officers

On the night of February 19th, at 18:38 CET, official new sites in Iran with the connection to Sepah release the news that one of the Gonabadi Dervishes has rammed into the riot police killing 3 police officers and injuring plenty more.

The driver is identified to be Mohammad Salas, one of the Gonabadi Dervishes participating in previous peaceful protest earlier in the afternoon. Several video clips and pictures are released that shows this incident happening, however, neither the killed officers not the driver of the bus can be identified by this evidence.

However, Mohammad Salas, was already 2 hours before the event of the bus, reported to have been beaten to such an extent that the eyewitnesses were not sure of him surviving these beatings and carried away by the security forces. The arrest of Mr. Salas was widely reported on social media as it was one the first major arrests and one the most violent ones up until that time, and the actual time of his arrest is well recorded, and so is the time of the bus ramming into riot police which happened 2 hours after the arrest of Mr. Salas. Amadnews revealed that Mohammad Salas was shortly after the arrest fell into a coma due to heavy beatings by an insider within the police.

The bus that was used for this act of violence against the police was later on published by official news agencies. Further investigations on the bus showed however that this bus belonged to the transportation company of ISAKO, whom actually is one companies used by Sepah its self for transportation of security forces. The license plate of the bus, also revealed that this was the same bus that had been used the night before for transporting security forces of Sepah from Karaj to Tehran.