Thursday , 2 December 2021

Tensions rising again in Tehran as security forces arrest a well known Sufi Gonabadi Dervish

Mr Nemat Riyahi, a well known Gonabadi Dervish was arrested in 18th of February. Mr. Riyahi who is an old man renown for his good behavior and loving attitude was arrested without any apparent reason and maintained in Police office 102 in Tehran, near Golestan street. Other Gonabadi dervishes, when hearing about this news, and concerned for the health of Mr. Riyahi since he suffers from a weak heart and has a pacemaker installed, gathered peacefully outside the police office demanding the immediate release of the old man.

Today afternoon, 19th of February, the number of men and women gathered outside of the police office increased and special forces were called to the place of gathering and still, no reason for the arrest of Mr Nemat Riyahi has been declared by the police.

At the hours of this afternoon, still, no reason for the arrest was explained by the police and the Gonabadi Dervishes continued their peaceful protest outside of the police office, chanting “God is great”.