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Monthly Archives: January 2018

U.S. Jury Finds Turkish Banker Guilty In Iran Sanctions Case

RFL/RE – A U.S. federal jury in Manhattan has found a Turkish banker guilty of helping Iran evade U.S. sanctions, convicting him on five of the six charges he faced. The jury on January 3 found Mehmet Hakan Atilla, an executive at Turkish state-owned bank Halkbank, guilty of bank fraud and conspiracy, but he was found not guilty on a …

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Closely Watching Iranian Protests in LA’s ‘Little Persia’

VOA — Iranian Americans are closely watching protests in Iran, where a government crackdown on demonstrators has led to the deaths of 21 people and the arrest of more than 400 over the past week. Thousands of counter demonstrators have marched to support the regime. Many in the Iranian community of Southern California, the largest outside Iran, are hoping for a …

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US, Iranian Leaders Spar Over Week of Protests

VOA – Wednesday in Iran brought demonstrations both against and in support of the government, while the United States promised new support for the Iranian people and Iran’s representative to the United Nations accused the United States of “flagrant acts of intervention.”

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Execution of an Afghan Citizen in Eastern Iran

Iran Human Rights –  Official sources reported that the number of executions at Mashhad Central Prison on Sunday has risen to two. According to Mashregh News, a young man who was arrested and sentenced to death for murder at the age of 19 was hanged at Mashhad Central Prison on the morning of Sunday December 31. The boy was an …

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Prisoner Executed In Eastern Iran

Iran Human Rights – A 30-year-old prisoner was hanged at Mashhad Central Prison on murder charges. According to Rokna News Agency, on the morning of Sunday December 31, a prisoner was hanged at Mashhad Central Prison. The prisoner was identified as Ali H., 30. He was sentenced to death on the charge of murdering his own father in Jimabad Valley …

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IRGC media producers open new front against Rouhani

Al-Monitor – In a style typical of state television, a young interviewer stands on a sidewalk in a busy area and asks passersby their opinions about the recent outpouring of protests across Iran. A man in his 60s with tired eyes responds, “I have three children. They’re doctors and engineers. And all three are unemployed.” A veteran of the 1980-88 …

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