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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Behind the latest protests in Iran

AL-Arabia – For more than a week now, Iran has been in something of turmoil with crowds of various sizes holding protests in more than 30 cities including the capital Tehran. Thanks to scenes not seen in Iran since 2009 when the regime managed to put down a popular uprising in Tehran, many questions have been raised about what is …

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Iranian Judiciary Official Calls For ‘Maximium Penalty’ For Protest Leaders

RFL/RE – A top Iranian judiciary official has said antigovernment protest leaders should be handed the harshest possible sentences, while President Hassan Rohani suggested demonstrations were driven by opposition to his ultraconservative rivals in the ruling elite. Rohani and Hamid Shahriari, deputy head of Iran’s judiciary, spoke on January 8 — nearly two weeks after the start of a series …

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Trump, Macron agree that Iran protests are ‘sign of regime’s failure’

Al-Arabia – US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron spoke on Saturday, the White House said on Sunday, and Trump provided Macron with an update on developments on the Korean Peninsula and the two discussed demonstrations in Iran. The White House said the conversation was intended “to underscore” US, South Korean and international resolve to achieve the complete …

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CIA chief Pompeo denies agency role in Iran unrest, predicts new violence

Al-Arabia – The head of the CIA on Sunday denied his agency had any role in fomenting the recent anti-government protests in Iran but predicted the violent unrest “is not behind us.” Mike Pompeo, named a year ago by US President Donald Trump to head the intelligence agency, told Fox News Sunday that economic conditions in Iran “are not good.” …

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Explosion risk for Iranian oil tanker ablaze off China

Al-Arabia – An Iranian oil tanker ablaze off the Chinese coast is at risk of exploding or sinking, authorities said Monday, as they reported there was no sign of survivors 36 hours after the vessel erupted in flames. A huge fire was still raging around the stricken ship, which had been carrying 136,000 tonnes of light oil, with fierce heat …

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Iran Protests: What Lies Beneath

Radiozamaneh – Since May 1997 and the coming to power of reformists in Iran, Western countries and their mainstream media have refused to see anything else in Iran other than the symbiosis of the reformers and hardliners within the regime of the Islamic Republic. For the neoconservatives within the United States Republican Party, those Iranian dissidents who dream of establishing …

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