Friday , 23 July 2021

In Iran: A Scientist’s Appeal for Retrial

Iran Human Rights –  Ahmad Reza Jalali (Djalali), Iranian physician and researcher whose death sentence was approved by the Supreme Court, is requesting a retrial.

According to a close source, Ahmad Reza Djalali’s death sentence was approved by branch 1 of the Supreme Court in November, but he has requested a retrial.
Being formally invited by Tehran University, Ahmad Reza Djalali travelled to Iran but was arrested by the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence on his way to Karaj on April 24, 2016. He spent three months at the detention centre of the Ministry of Intelligence. Now Iranian authorities claim that he is convicted of “espionage and collaboration with enemies”.
“Dr. Djalali’s case is sent to branch 33 of the Supreme Court for a retrial but it hasn’t been processed or objected so far,” Told an informed source about Ahmad Reza Djalali’s case to Iran Human Rights (IHR).
He also said, “Dr. Djalali might still get executed unless the sentence is suspended. He is in a terrible physical condition and he is getting weaker and thinner every day.”
Ahmad Reza Djalali lived in Sweden since 2009 where he had the permanent residence. He worked as a researcher in the field of crisis management at Karolinska University in Stockholm.
On Tuesday, January 24, Alaeddin Borujerdi, the head of Majlis’ National Security Commission who was in Brussels, accused Ahmad Reza Djalali of participating in the terror of nuclear scientists in a press conference.
Mr. Djalali is currently held at Evin Prison and rejects all the accusations, and he also denied all the accusations the Ministry of Intelligence made against him through a documentary.