Thursday , 16 September 2021

Audio recording of Dr AhmadReza Djalalis addressed to Sadegh Larijani on the false accusations against him by interrogators of the Intelligence Service – Secretly recorded in Evin (DorrTV exclusive)

Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani, hi with respect. I want to say that I Ahmadreza Djalali during 21 months in prison have had many problems that are cause by the agents of the secret service of Iran, that in the begining started with them creating acusations towards me and then by the means of manipulation and pressure managed to not only concieve a sentence of death for me but also creating a propaganda documentary that they edited and created to support their cause by the name ”Tishe bar rishe” where they did vioce overs using pictures and videos falsly accused me of very strange crimes without any evidence or proof. So that by creating an atmosphere of media hype stop the normal and just process for my case. So that despite my several correspondences and personal explanations with the prosecutor of Tehran to claim my innocence, he said in an official interview on 25th of December 2017, also he falsely introduced me as spy of Mossad with made up allegations without any evidence or proof and seemingly without the complete review of my case explained these allegations to be the truth.

I will now explain the following for you as the highest post within the judiciary system of the Islamic Republic of Iran so that in the day of judgment in front of God, there will not be any excuses. I respectfully plead with your highness that my case is looked upon in order o prevent oppression and injustice towards an innocent human being that according to the holy Quran, oppressing others will not be forgotten.

I don’t see myself free from wrongdoings, and I have previously regretted the trust that I had for some people, and that I kept silent for a while because I was afraid of the life threats that were being made to my wife and children, and for this I am sorry. But I have never acted against the interest of Iran or to endanger Iran in any way. Also, during the interrogations, I have tried to be as honest and cooperating as possible and to give them all the information I had. Also, my interrogator after seven months of investigation and interrogations went against the demands of the intelligence service and freed me from all charges of acting against Iran’s security and gave the order to stop persecutions against me, this was however reverted by the deputy prosecutor.

2. Despite the fact that, I was prevented from having a lawyer during 6 months, and the usage of things holy and sacred to me such as the Quran for psychologically breakings me, and threats made to hurt my 2 underage children, for forcing me to admit to all the charges. I am not saying that I have previously confessed something that I now want to take back, what I am saying is that the report of my interrogators are totally imaginative and full of lies and there are at least 30 cases of complete forgery within that report, that I myself heard these for the first time on the court and also heard a lot of other illogical accusations towards me for the first time. And despite the fact that this forged report stood against the witness reports, common sense and especially an over 300 page report of evidence in my defense, unfortunately, this untrue and unjust report of the interrogators was referred to by the persecutor and the judge of the court, and they when I pledged them to review truth and compare the strong evidence in my defense with the untrue report of the interrogators, they didn’t even want to look at the case.

3. The confirmation of the verdict of the district court by the Supreme court had also an unnatural process. I was under arrest for over 20 months for the hearing, but the unnatural speed of the Supreme court was as such that only 15 working days passed between the date of the appeal to Supreme court, until the confirmation of the sentence by the Supreme court. Neither the court branch that handled the appeal was communicated to me and my lawyers so that I could send my complementary defense documents, this because of the orders of judge Salavati that my defense documents had to be kept secret and the prison would send it when needed. Another suspicious fact is that my case was never registered in the digital system of the Supreme court so that my lawyers couldnt even follow its process, this is when my case consists of over 500 pages of information and at least 300 pages of documents in English, and that the scientific and legal review of such court case from start to finish during only a few days by the Supreme court is very strange indeed and when the Supreme court confirmed the sentence, it was not even signed by the head of the responsible court branch.

4. To further deny the accusations against me, I have never during my interrogations claim to have been cooperating or spying for the Mossad organization nor any other organization and there is no such evidence against me nor has there been any evidence presented. I have explained based on reasons and witnesses, that on several occasions, a few people approached me and first introduced themselves as working for a Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine company and then as agents of European intelligence service and threatened my family and youngest kid wanted information, and not only have I always denied them but also tried to persuade them to stop their ways. The propaganda documentary of ”Tishe bar rishe” with voiceovers on my footage full of lies and untruth was never able to show the slightest confession, evidence of documents of me spying or cooperating with Mossad or any other organization. I have never received anything from an organization for spying. I have explained before that I had been involved in a payment of 15000 euros for a workshop and educational systems in need and that that money is transferred to humanitarian organizations. The publication that claimed, that I have received 28000 Euros during five and a half years for spying, is a lie and in itself illogical for a University Professor. The intelligence service agents have not been able to present the slightest of any evidence and also my simple lifestyle is a confirmation of my innocence and the lies that they accuse me of.

5. Due to the stressful situation, our source urges Ahmadreza to hurry and so he jumps over point 5 which was a long and thorough explanation.

6. My Swedish citizenship has been according to the Swedish law for receiving permanent residency when completing my Ph.D., and tens of other scientists with Iranian origin who have completed their Ph.D., just like med and according to this same law have received their Swedish citizenship in this manner and I have named at least 10 people who can witness to this. I have also tried to make contact with the Swedish embassy to confirm this fact but I have not received any help from there.

7. The claim that I would have been associated and exchanged information with the nuclear scientist that were previously assassinated, is nothing but a clear lie. I and my lawyers have provided to the court, technical, political and security documents that belong to the Islamic Republic of Iran itself that reject these untrue allegations. a point of fact is that the day Dr. Ali Mohammadi was murdered was 12th January 2010, that is at least 4 months before those agents who introduced themselves as European Security Agents in the spring of 2011. This was even explained in the propaganda documentary of ”Tishe bar rishe” which also shows the contradictory accusations and the lies against me. It is worth mentioning these charges were never mentioned during several months of interrogations and no questions were asked in this regard, its just one of the lies that suddenly turned up in the indictment. More amazingly, according to the interrogators, these charges are based on my condolences for the death of these glorious scientists. I emphasize that I have never whatsoever personal nor scientific information exchange with these nuclear scientists. I have only met them once in 2003 and hade a brief educational and medical conversation with them for 3-4 minutes.

8. The claim that I have given away information regarding the nuclear plants in Iran is a total lie and is one of those issues that have been added to my case without any interrogations and without my previous knowledge. Also according to my insurance and carrier documents, I have never had any contact with these nuclear institutions or any other institution associated with them. My only crime here would, in that case, be that I have had physical doctors of those institutions present as students in my classes.

9. In 2005, after 2 years of loosely collaborating with the defensive ministry I stopped, and after that have never had the slightest of communication with those institutions and their managers, websites nor have I been involved in their projects and the rest of the issues mentioned by the persecutor. My only activity has been in new medical institutions focused on cancer patients and the follow up of new medical treatment. All the projects associated with me are normal and not classified in any way and hundreds of medical doctors and specialist have been involved in those projects. The names and the topics of my projects are not classified as secrets and in open to all. The report of the interrogators of the intelligence service in this matter is among those 50 instances of forgery and distortion of the truth. I have provided hundreds of pages of documents to reject the false allegations, that are all dated before those agents approached me. All of my projects from the names, to the topics, findings and the persons involved are all published on the internet and is there within reach for all. The lack of any proof regarding me being prohibited to leave the country after I stopped my collaboration with the defense ministry and the fact that I have been living in Europe for the past 10 years, and the lack of slightest written documents that proofs that I have had access to any classified information, and also the lack of information that the intelligence service of Iran have had on my activities which is reported by them in the letter of inquiry in August 2016, are all clear evidence that all these allogations are pure lies and its contradiction with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

10. To further reject the allogations that I have been spreading virus within the digital systems using USB flash memory and encryption, I have never confessed to anything of such kind and on the contrary, I say that this is one the worst lies that are told by interogators that instead of thanking me for helping them and the technical explaination of the technology of the USB flash memories, have unfairly forged this allogation in my case but have not mentioned any details regarding what kind of virus, the date, the networks that where infected and other details to proof this fabricated lie. An important fact is that the systems mentioned in this lie are only inevitable using CD drive and it is not physically possible to use USB flash memory on these systems. And the claim that my own laptop was infected with a virus is from 2016 but the allegation connected to this issue is from 4-5 years before that which shows the contradiction in time.

11. The claim that I have names 30 important persons in sensitive projects is also due to my explanation about my involvement in projects in the past 20 years and my associates that are mostly medical doctors, medical specialist and experts working in the medical field. The charges regarding this are the misusage of the interrogators of my answers and reporting them based on whatever they want under the title of ”tacit confessions”, while this has no legal credit whatsoever.

chairman of the judiciary system, I have been subject to a persecution process that has been unjust, illegal and immoral according to Islam. The documents that I have provided, the witnesses, the medical and technical reasoning and my answers to the question of the interrogators have been totally neglected. Not only once have the court brought up my defense documents and examined it, this is against the constitutional law and the Islamic law. The process has been unofficial and completely abnormal and I have been sentenced to death.

I pledge to your Highness to order that my case is reviewed by neutral experts so that you find confidence in what I am saying. So that I don’t become a victim to the political agenda of a minority of people as its mentioned in the Quran, if only one person is killed innocent, it is as if the entire humanity has been killed.

With thanks and respect
Ahmad Reza Djalali