Wednesday , 25 May 2022

WATCH: Khamenei poster torched by Iran protesters, shots fired among crowd

Al-Arabia – Footage from Saturday night has shown Iranian protesters tearing down and torching a poster of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei as anti-government rallies entering their fourth day gripped several cities across the country.

Another video showed protesters fleeing security forces, while gunfire could clearly be heard and a seemingly injured male being carried. Other footage showed a man among the crowd firing shots.

: Video shows crowds of protesters fleeing gunfire and carrying a man who appears to be injured 

: Video captures moment  protesters confront security forces, also showing a man firing shots among the crowd 

The violent scenes are the latest developments in demonstrations across dozens of cities against the regime. Initially beginning as anti-austerity protests, the ongoing rallies are the largest since the suppressing the 2009 uprising, which almost turned into a revolution to overthrow the regime of the ruling mullahs, who has been in power since 1979.

Videos have recorded a heavy security crackdown as crowds shouted “Death to Khamenei”.

Latest reports from Iran said that three people have been killed and others were injured when the Revolutionary Guard militias shot a night protest in ‎Doroud, Loerstan province, in central Iran.

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