Tuesday , 28 June 2022

Iran: Two Prisoners Hanged On Murder Charges

Iran Human Rights – Two prisoners were hanged at Sari and Ardebil central prisons on murder charges.

According to a close source, on the morning of Sunday December 10, a prisoner was executed at Ardebil Central Prison (Northwestern Iran) on murder charges. The prisoner, identified as Sayyad Ahadi, 35, had been in prison for four years. He was transferred to solitary confinement on Saturday. The execution of this prisoner has not been announced by the state-run media so far.

On the morning of Sunday, another prisoner, named Yavar Adli, from the youth ward of Ardebil Central Prison, was transferred to solitary confinement but was able to gain the consent of the plaintiff by paying one billion Tomans (about 237640 dollars) and returned to his cell.

Sari Central Prison

Additionally, according to the state-run news agency, Fars, on the morning of Monday December 11, a prisoner was hanged at Sari Centrals Prison on murder charges.

The Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Mazandaran, Asadollah Jafari says, “The defendant, A. P., son of Yar Mohammad, who was convicted of murdering F. M., was hanged at Sari Prison.”

According to Iran Human Rights annual report on the death penalty, 142 of the 530 execution sentences in 2016 were implemented due to murder charges. There is a lack of a classification of murder by degree in Iran which results in issuing death sentence for any kind of murder regardless of intensity and intent.