Thursday , 27 January 2022

Iran: Another Prisoner Hanged In Public

Iran Human Rights – A prisoner, who was charged with rape, was hanged in the Qamsal Square in Khoy, Northwestern Iran.

According to a report by the Iranian state-run news agency, Rokna, on the morning of Thursday October 26, a prisoner was executed in public at Ghamsal (Keshavarz) Square in the city of Khoy (Northwestern Iran). The prisoner, who was charged with rape, was not identified by name.

This is the second public execution which is carried out this week in Iran. On Wednesday October 25, another prisoner was hanged in public in Kerman Province (Southeastern Iran).

According to Iran Human Rights annual report on the death penalty 33 people have been executed in public in front of large crowds including children in 2016. Public executions have been strongly criticized by Iranian human rights activists and sociologists.