Monday , 11 December 2023

Iran: Eight Prisoners Hanged at Rajai Shahr Prison

Iran Human Rights  –  On the morning of Wednesday July 5, eight prisoners were reportedly hanged at Rajai Shahr Prison. According to close sources, the prisoners were likely executed on murder charges.

Iran Human Rights has obtained the names of four of these prisoners: Ghahreman Abbaspour, Abbas Yousefi, Nasser Avangah and Omid Rostami.

The eight individuals were among a group of eleven prisoners who were transferred to solitary confinement on Sunday July 2 in preparation for their executions. The execution sentences of three of the eleven prisoners were not carried out, and they were returned to their cells.

The human rights news agency, HRANA, had reported that Ghahreman Abbaspour was sentenced to death for murder based on Qasameh (a testimonial given under oath) and despite the lack of evidence against him.

Qasameh is one way, within the Islamic jurispudence and criminal law in Iran, to prove crimes related to murder and physical injuries without enough evidence against the suspect. Qasameh is used when a judge recognizes a testimony as louth, when the judge believes the testimonial to be true despite lack of evidence.