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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Senate’s Iran Sanctions Bill Faces Differing Views in House

VOA – A newly passed Senate bill that would impose additional U.S. sanctions on Iran faces uncertain prospects for passage in the House, whose members are expressing differing views about its efficacy. Hours after the Senate approved the Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act in a near-unanimous 98-2 vote Thursday, the House’s majority Republican leaders had not said when they will …

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The real reason Iran is pointing finger at Riyadh for IS attack

Al-monitor – After the first terrorist attack by the Islamic State (IS) in Tehran, Iranian officials from various backgrounds have pointed the finger at their regional rival Saudi Arabia. AUTHOR Arash Karami Speaking at the Oslo Forum in Norway June 13, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said they have “intelligence that Saudi Arabia is actively engaged in promoting terrorist groups” along the country’s eastern and …

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Rafsanjani’s son man favorite in battle for Tehran mayorship

Al-monitor – Iranian Reformists are now faced with the desirable, but highly contentious challenge of electing a new mayor of Tehran following sweeping victories in May 19 city council and village elections. Even the Reformists themselves did not expect to gain control of every council seat in the capital. Their decisive victory, however, has brought to the fore serious internal differences over whom to …

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Iran’s central bank must regulate unlicensed actors

Al-monitor – Despite all modernization efforts, Iran is still a cash-based economy where banks and financial institutions play a significant role. Ever since the privatization of the banking sector in the early 2000s, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has had to deal with a phenomenon of non-bank credit institutions, which are more commonly referred to as credit and financial institutions (CFIs). The …

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Secretary of State Tillerson: U.S. Will Work To Bring Peaceful Transition In Iran

RFL/RE – Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson told House Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, June 14, that the United States policy towards Iran is based on support of internal forces who can bring about peaceful change. Secretary Tillerson spoke before the House Foreign Affairs Committee (watch the video) He was speaking at a hearing on the State Department policies and budget …

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Iran’s Parliamentary Committee Blocks Security Agencies’ Attempts to Significantly Delay Death Penalty Amendment

CHRI – A Parliamentary committee in Iran has blocked an attempt by security agencies to delay for a year a parliamentary vote on an amendment that could drastically reduce death penalty sentences for drug-related crimes. “Unfortunately, some security and government agencies wrote a letter requesting that the final vote be delayed for a year,” Hassan Norouzi, a member of Parliament …

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Iranian actress Golab Adineh wins Brooklyn’s Best Artistic Achievement Award

PayvandNews – Golab Adineh won the Best Artistic Achievement Award at the 20th Brooklyn International Film Festival, for her acting in ‘Abji’ (The Sis), directed by Marjan Ashrafizadeh. Abji experienced its ninth international presence in the competition section of Brooklyn International Film Festival. The film went on screen twice in Brooklyn, attracting the attention of the international jury for Golab Adineh’s …

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