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Supporters Of Iran’s President Rohani Launch Huge Twitter Storm Backing Him After Hardline Mob Forces Him to Flee Rall

CHRI – Tens of thousands of President Hassan Rouhani’s supporters took to social media to express their outrage after he was surrounded by an angry mob loyal to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and forced to flee a rally in Tehran on June 23.  In a short time, their # I-Support-Rouhani (�#حامی_روحانى_ام�) Twitter storm in Farsi exploded to the top of …

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Angry Mob Force Iran’s President Rouhani to Flee Rally in Tehran

CHRI – A few weeks after being elected for a second term as president, Hassan Rouhani had to be whisked away from a rally in Tehran on June 23 by his security forces after being encircled by angry chanting protestors. President Rohani under attack Source: Ghanoon daily Read relates articles (in Persian) by Iranian dailies: Ghanoon | Shahrvand | Shargh The mob shouted slogans comparing Rouhani …

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Iran Arrests 50 Suspected Of Links To ‘Terrorist’ Groups

RFL/RE – Iranian authorities have arrested at least 50 people suspected of links to “terrorist” groups in a Western province, a prosecutor said on June 25. The arrests come following the deadly twin attacks in the Iranian capital on June 7. cartoon by Taravat Niki, Iranian daily Ghanoon The attacks on the Iranian parliament and the mausoleum of the Islamic republic’s …

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Iran Holds Annual Anti-Israel Rallies, Chant Against Saudi Leaders

RFL/RE – Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of Tehran and other Iranian cities to take part in state-sponsored anti-Israeli rallies marking the annual Quds Day, state media report. Some protesters set Israeli and U.S. flags on fire, reports said on June 23, while others chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.” The demonstrators also …

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Arab States Boycotting Qatar Demand It Cut Ties With Iran, Shutter Al-Jazeera

RFL/RE – Four Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia have issued a list of demands for ending their boycott of Qatar, including requiring Doha to shut down the Al-Jazeera network and cut most ties with Iran. The demands were presented to Qatar by Kuwait on June 22. The Associated Press reported that the list included 13 items, including demands that …

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Prominent Civil Rights Activists Urge Iran’s Parliament to Ban Use of Deadly Force Against Border Couriers

CHRI – The killing, by border guards, of another kulbar—the Persian word for the border-crossing couriers who transport illegally imported goods into Iran—has prompted 250 Iranian civil rights activists to demand that Parliament implement measures to protect the downtrodden laborers. “Shared widely on social media, images of an innocent young man’s body on the ground next to his load of cigarette …

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The reason Tehran is against referendum on Iraqi Kurdistan

Al-monitor – Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Massoud Barzani on June 7 announced an agreement among Iraqi Kurdish groups to hold a binding vote in September that could pave the way for an independent Kurdistan, free of control by the central government in Baghdad. An independent Kurdistan, which would border Iran along a province with a large Kurdish population, poses many challenges for the Islamic …

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