Friday , 8 December 2023

Death toll rises to 35 in flood, landslide in western and northwestern Iran

PayvandNews – Severe flood and landslide in western and northwestern parts of Iran have so far claimed 35 lives and left 8 missing. Heavy rain which started on Friday morning caused flood in the afternoon and unfortunately the northwestern cities of Azarshahr and Ajabshir hit the hardest by the flood, ISNA quoted Ismail Najjar, head of the Crisis Management Organization as saying on Saturday.

People gathered around a flood victim in Ajab Shir, Tabriz

Seven cars have gone missing in Azarshahr, he regretted, adding, despite the warnings some people were reluctant to leave the area.

According to East Azarbaijan crisis management organization up to now, 14 have died and at least 3 gone missing in Azarshahr and some 4 individuals are missing and 15 are dead n Ajabshir.

“Some bridges are reportedly damaged in West Azarbaijan province and sadly a 12-year-old boy is taken away by the flood while biking,” he explained.

Moreover, 4 died in a landslide triggered by the flood in Saqqez, Kordestan province, and one passed away in Baneh, he said.

Village of Beiragh in Tabriz hit by flood

So far, some 1,100 have received relief services, 77 provided with emergency accommodation, and 6 transferred to hospitals in 32 cities and villages, Najjar noted, adding, water was pumped out of 48 houses as well.

Photos of flood in Ajab Shir, Tabriz:

Photos of flood in village of Beiragh, Tabriz: