Friday , 8 December 2023

White House Again Delays Release Of Revamped Order On Immigration

RFL/RE – The White House has again delayed release of a revamped executive order limiting travel and immigration to the United States.

White House officials said on March 2 that the revised order will not be published until next week. The original order, which President Donald Trump said he rushed to get out during his first week in office to protect Americans from possible terrorist attacks, was released a month ago.

Trump’s original order temporarily barred all refugees as well as citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries, but it was immediately challenged in the courts and within days had been suspended by U.S. courts in Washington state and San Francisco.

Trump has said the administration will change parts of the original order that were questioned by the courts.

The delays belie assertions by Trump and top White House officials that immediate action was necessary to keep the country safe from terrorist attack.

“If we waited five days, 10 days, six months to begin establishing the first series of controls, we would be leaving the homeland unnecessarily vulnerable,” senior White House policy adviser Stephen Miller said in defending the original order, which he is said to have co-authored.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters