Monday , 11 December 2023

The anniversary celebration of the Iranian Revolution is accompanied with burning of Western countries flags and insults towards Arabian countries.

DorrTV – Tehran, Iran – In the anniversary celebration of Iranian Islamic Revolution, which occurs on the 10th of February, this year in addition to the usual burning of Israeli, American and British Flags there were also outright insults and slogans hurled towards the leader of the Arabian Countries!

These protests included banners carried by the members of Basiji’s forces with outright insults and obscenities against the rulers of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the other Persian Gulf countries!


Ghasemi, The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman referring to the Images of banners with insults against the Kuwaiti authorities and some of the leaders of neighbouring countries on the 10th February celebration, stated that these acts are questionable in nature and are unreasonable and emphasised that these measures were not approved by Iranian nation.


The hostility of the American Government and the Zionist regime with countries such as Iran is obvious and this type of behaviour is natural reaction of the Muslim people against the violations they have suffered. However, such behaviour should not spill over and spoil the relations of countries which have a friendly and constructive exchange of messages and ideals of the Islamic revolution which aims for solidarity between Islamic countries.