Monday , 11 December 2023

Iraqi plans for territorial claims towards the marine border with Kuwait, has been a source of military tension between the two countries!



As result of recent demonstrations along the border areas between Iraq with Kuwait against the border agreement, named “Khor Abdullah”, the State of Kuwait has deployed four battalions of Special Forces to its borders with Iraq.

Kuwaiti security forces according to Kuwait sources stand ready to deal with any riot or disturbing security threat against the country’s borders.

According to newspaper Al-oyam, four Special Forces battalion of Kuwait on Friday morning were dispatched to support the security guards along the borders to deal with any threat to the regional, boundaries between Kuwait and Iraq, in addition to the two other battalions that are already deployed to the same region.


Iranian mischief along the Iraq and Kuwaiti border:

According to Donald Trump, The Iranian regime has devoured huge sections of Iraq which it has annexed and now is in the process of establishing it’s hegemony over the area through a border crisis with Kuwait.

By the same token, the Iraqi Navy after the protests against the agreement, “Khor Abdullah”, it began its own operations along the waters of the Persian Gulf, including the blue channel of the estuary located in the North Persian Gulf, Abdullah Oohad, between the Faw peninsula, of Iraq and Kuwait’s Bubiyan Island.

Jamil al-Shammari, the Iraqi commander of Basra operation in this regard stated: “The operations with the Navy and a number of officers of the Port ‘Umm Qasr’ in blue Khor Abdullah channel is there to protect Iraqi oil installations on the coast. We aim to maintain operations security in Iraqi waters against trafficking and the protection of ports and oil installations.’

The Iranian government site, Tabnak writes: “That recently some residents of Iraqi provinces began to protest again the border agreement ‘Khor Abdullah’.” According to the Iranian government site, the Agreement only emphasizes navigational rights and does not bestow border or territorial rights although representatives of the Iraqi Parliament, do admit it does provide some advantages to Kuwait.

Khor Abdullah or Fulf of Basra is a small gulf at the end of the Persian Gulf, which lies to the Northwest of Iraq and Kuwait, where there is disagreement over border and navigation rights between Iraq and Kuwait. Although more recently there has been an agreement signed between the two countries in this area.