Friday , 8 December 2023

Afghanistan: Iran is supplying Taliban with rockets to strike us

Al-Arabia – Iran continues to provide the Taliban with missiles to hit Afghan forces, the governor of Helmand province told Afghanistan’s daily newspaper Hayat Allah Hayat.

He stated that ten rockets were fired by the Taliban at government headquarters in Helmand province, which borders Pakistan, and that the inscription on the missiles showed that they were made in Iran.

Afghan officials added that Iranian-made missiles launched by the Taliban were found in clashes that took place in the cities of Krmesar and Sunken.

The governor believes that the reason behind Tehran’s support of the Taliban is due to the dispute between Iran and Afghanistan regarding the Helman River, which flows into lake Hamon in Baluchestan province in eastern Iran. Tehran believes Afghanistan changed the path of the river causing the lake to dry out.

Additionally, in February 2016, the Afghan authorities found Iranian-made mines and a large stock pile of arms and ammunition in a warehouse in one of the headquarters of the Taliban that security forces raided in the Bamyan province, center of the country.