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Persian leopard captured on camera in Taleqan

PayvandNews – Two environment collaborators managed to capture images of the Persian leopard in Taleghan, Alborz province, on Friday.

According to Iran Environmental Watch and Wildlife, two environment collaborators crossing their village near the city of Taleqan, found new leopard footprints on the snow.

After a few minutes, they saw a mature leopard only a short distance away, which did not attempt to scape and the two men could capture the image of this endangered animal.

According to the census in December 2016, leopard footprints were observed in the same location and environment experts suggest that two leopards mating are likely to live in this area.

A leopardess and her cub were also seen on December 21 at Parvar Protected Wildlife Area in Semnan province.

The Persian leopard is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List. The population is estimated at fewer than 871-1,290 mature individuals and considered declining.

A recorod number of Persian leopards were killed during Iranian year 1394,
from March 2015 to March 2016.
(cartoon by Firoozeh Mozaffari, Iranian daily Shargh)


The Persian leopard (Panthera pardus ciscaucasica syn. Panthera pardus saxicolor), also called the Caucasian leopard or Central Asian leopard, is the largest leopard subspecies native to the Caucasus region, southern Azerbaijan, southern Turkmenistan, Iran and parts of western Afghanistan.

Persian leopard is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List; the population is estimated at fewer than 871-1,290 mature individuals and considered declining. Leopards possibly also occur in northern Iraq.

A phylogenetic analysis suggests that the Persian leopard matrilineally belongs to a monophyletic group that diverged from a group of Asian leopards in the second half of the Pleistocene.
Hefty Fine, Insurance Policy Reduces Persian Leopard Casualties In Iran

Increasing the fine for killing leopards by 16 times to 800 million rials (nearly $20,000) and insuring the animals against any possible threat has resulted in fewer casualties in Iran, IRNA news agency reported.

Photos: Death of an Iranian Leopard

A leopard that had suffered spinal cord injury due to shooting by hunters was put to sleep using euthanasia procedure and anesthetic injection. This heart-breaking incident happened in the Tonekabon region in northern Iran. – 1/14/14

Leopards pushed closer to extinction in Iran

Iran’s Department of the Environment reports that 46 leopards were killed in the past six years in Iran. IRNA reports that the deputy head of Wildlife Protection said: “The leopard and its habitat are at risk of extinction.” – 12/22/13

Photos: Rescue of an Iranian Leopard

A leopard that had been trapped in the crevices of the rocks by the river of Sezar in Sepiddasht region of the city of Khorramabad in western Iran was rescued by the environmental protection officials in an operation that lasted several hours. The injured leopard was treated and cared for before being released back to the wild. – 12/30/13