Wednesday , 18 May 2022

Iran FM: Yes, I erred and I would hate to meet Kerry

Al-Arabia – Javad Karimi Kaddosi, the member of the National Security Committee in the Iranian parliament, revealed that the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, admitted in a private and confidential hearing before the committee that he made a lapse in judgement in the nuclear talks with the West.

As reported by Fares News, an ardent to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, MP Kaddosi conveyed that Zarif had attended on December 18 a private meeting with members of the National Security Committee in parliament, to discuss the nuclear agreement. At the meeting, Kaddosi said the Iranian Foreign Minister expressed remorse for what happened in the nuclear deal.

Kaddosi continued that the foreign minister recognized that he had made a “huge mistake” in response to a question raised during the meeting of the National Security Committee at the House of Representatives.

Zarif told the committee: “When John Kerry called a meeting in Italy after the recent violation of the Convention (to extend sanctions against Tehran), I told him that I would hate to be in the same city as he was, due to the extension of sanctions against Iran.”

The Iranian foreign minister avowed his omission and took full responsibility for this mistake, as quoted by Fars news agency.

The American Senate and Congress voted to approve the extension of sanctions against Tehran for the next 10 years. The decision was not opposed by Obama and was effective since last week, which was considered by Tehran as a violation of the nuclear deal.

On the other hand, MP Ali Reza Rahimi criticized the declarations of his colleague, saying that Kaddosi’s remarks are “unprofessional” and “unethical.”

Rahimi denied the revelations made by Kaddosi asserting that “the meeting was devoted to discuss the nuclear deal, the situation in Syria and the cooperation between the National Security Committee and the Iranian Foreign Ministry.”