Monday , 18 October 2021

US House: Iran violated the nuclear agreement by ‘supporting terrorism’

AL-Arabia – The Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the US House of Representatives, Ed Royce, rejected Tehran’s claims about the violation of the United States nuclear deal, saying that “Iran is the one who violated the agreement through its support to terrorism. Indeed, the quest to develop a missile capable of striking the United States is a direct threat to American national security.”

Royce said in a statement Thursday that “the extension of sanctions for ten years against Iran has nothing to do with the nuclear deal, and we should not be fooled by Tehran.”
According to Royce, the law will renew existing sanctions – which were not part of President Obama’s nuclear agreement – in an effort to confront Iran’s illegal missile program, and ensures Trump’s administration another set of strong sanctions if Iran went on to build a nuclear weapon.
The head of the Foreign Relations Committee in the US House of Representatives, stressed that “Iran is the only party who has violated the terms of the agreement. This law will ensure that the United States reserves the right to hold accountable the Iranian regime.”
The House of Representatives is drafting an additional project law against Tehran which includes three packages of new sanctions against the Revolutionary Guards, the leaders of the Iranian regime for its continued support for terrorism in the region and the world and ongoing human rights violations against its own people, and its controversial missile project.
The new sanctions aim to reduce Iran’s military interventions and terrorist operations in the region and the world; the Revolutionary Guards would be classified as a threat to the security of the United States and its allies.