Friday , 24 September 2021

Iranian reformist diplomat: Iran will reap what it sows

Al-Arabia – A reformist diplomat and former director of Western Asian affairs in the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Mir Mahmoud Mousavi, warned about the consequences of the massacres committed and perpetrated by Iran and its militias in Syria.

Mousavi, who is the former Iranian ambassador to India and Pakistan, said that “the killing of 300 thousand people and the displacement of 12 million others in Syria will only lead to hatred and violence; there will be 10 million Syrian families affected and living amid hatred. This will need two decades to be resolved.”
In an interview with reformist Sharq newspaper, Mousavi stressed that what Iran describes as “the liberation of Aleppo” in northern Syria, is nothing but a two nights’ joy and Tehran will be worrying for the next 30 years about it.”
Mir Mahmoud Mousavi is the brother of Mir Hussein Mousavi, Iran’s former prime minister and leader of Green Movement who is under house arrest for five years. He said that “things are worsening in Syria.”