Wednesday , 16 June 2021

Amnesty Calls On Iran To Release Four Arrested At Commemoration For Murdered Writers

RFL/RE – Amnesty International has called on Iran to release “immediately and unconditionally” four individuals arrested on December 2 at a gathering marking the 18th anniversary of the killings of two prominent intellectuals.

The two men were murdered by agents from Iran’s Intelligence Ministry. Their deaths were part of a series of extrajudicial killings of Iranian dissidents and intellectuals, which later came to be known as the “chain murders of Iran.”

Amnesty quoted witnesses as saying that some of those arrested over the weekend were violently beaten up by the police.

The rights group called on Iranian authorities to ensure that “prompt, independent investigations are conducted into the violent events” of December 2.

The group also said that police and intelligence officials suspected of using unnecessary or excessive force should be held to account.