Thursday , 16 September 2021

EU To Stand By Iran Nuclear Deal, Foreign Ministers Say

RFL/RE – The European Union says it will keep pushing to restore ties with Iran in line with last year’s nuclear deal.

In a November 14 statement, EU foreign ministers said the bloc was committed to lifting nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions against Iran while engaging with banks and other economic operators “to promote growth in trade and investment.”

The ministers also said the EU “remains concerned” with the human rights situation in Iran, especially over the frequent use of the death penalty.

Economic sanctions against Iran were eased in January following a nuclear deal with world powers that curbed the country’s controversial nuclear program.

But U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has said during campaigning for the White House that it was a “terrible” deal that only benefitted Iran and that he would “tear it up” if he were elected president.

However, he has conceded it would be hard to destroy a deal enshrined in a United Nations resolution.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AFP