Friday , 28 January 2022

Iranian protesters demand payment of salaries, end to corruption

alarabiya -A large number of Iranian employees, workers, and citizens came together on Tuesday to demonstrate in front of the Iranian parliament, demanding payment of salaries and protesting against corruption.

This protest follows Hassan Rowhani’s appointment of three new ministers after sacking the previous ones over corruption charges.

The demonstrators demanded that their money embezzled by government-affiliated companies be recovered.

Hundreds of teachers from the ‘anti-illiteracy’ foundation, shareholders and workers from the telecommunications company ‘Padideh Shandiz’, and owners of cafes which were shut down by the authorities, joined in on the protest demanding their rights.

According to a statement by an opposition member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), there were anti-riot forces and police deployed outside parliament since seven o’clock in the morning, to prevent people from gathering.

In spite of that, hundreds were able to make it to the front of the main entrance of Parliament and chanted slogans against the rampant theft and corruption in the Ministry of Economy, and against the government of Rowhani who they accuse of “turning a blind eye to the largescale corruption.”