Saturday , 29 January 2022

Iran launches production line for Zolfaqar missiles

PayvandNews – Iran launched production line for its first solid-fuel pin-point precision and long-range missile dubbed Zolfaqar on Sunday.

Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said during the launching ceremony that the tactical missile Zolfaqar which was entirely indigenous in design and production served the purpose of enhancing Iran’s missile combat might as stated by the Supreme Leader. He said the missile is capable of hitting its targets 700 kms away.

The launching of the production line of Zolfaqar missile coincides with the week-long ceremonies nationwide to honor the nation braveries and sacrifices against the Saddam army during eight years of imposed war, 1980-1988.

Zolfaqar missile is the first Iranian missile using solid fuel with a range of 700 kilometers and high-precision guide capability.

The missile was unveiled in Bandar Abbas in southern Iran during parades on the first day of the Sacred Defense Week started September 21.

Iran marks September 21-27 as Sacred Defense Week each year to mark the beginning of the Iraqi invasion of Iran by the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.