Thursday , 5 August 2021

Acid victim accuses producer of the film “Lanturi” of plagiarism

PayvandNews  – Amaneh Bahrami, an Iranian woman who was disfigured in an acid attack by a man she refused to marry, has accused the producer of the acclaimed drama “Lanturi” of plagiarism. Bahrami has recently appeared in Tehran court and has filed a lawsuit against Reza Dormishian, the Persian daily Sharq announced in its Tuesday edition.


Bahrami has said, “I signed an agreement in 2010 with Hollywood to make a film on my life, but on the condition that I would not forgive the convict. I forgave him and this broke the agreement.

“Two years later a German company, which has requested anonymity, planned to make a film on my life, but later they claimed that ‘Lanturi’, screened at the Berlin Film Festival in 2016, had already portrayed part of my hard life, and as a result, they see no reason to make a film on my personal life,” she added.

Dormishian denied Bahrami’s claims in a letter published by the Persian service of ILNA on Tuesday.

“Following the recent remarks carried out by Amaneh Bahrami, I feel sympathy for her as one of the hundreds of the victims, and I am ready to attend any court and answer any questions in order to resolve the problems that led to these misunderstandings,” Dormishian wrote.

“I made ‘Lanturi’, as I did my previous films, based on my social commitments and beliefs, and these kinds of accusations made against the movie are unfair,” he added.

“Due to the great respect I feel toward Ms. Bahrami, who is one of the victims of acid attacks, I would prefer to remain silent and say no more,” he concluded

The story of the victims of acid attacks in Iran are almost identical to one another, they are victims of jealousy or a madness which the convict calls love, the report says.

Bahrami is one of the victims who lost her eyes and her beauty, but she never gave up and struggled to continue her life with great efforts, the report added.

She is the only victim who could get financial support from different presidents of the country.

In addition, she is the first victim who won lex talionis – the law, applicable in Iran, of ‘an eye for an eye’, however she chose to forgive.

“Lanturi” is about a lower class young man who falls in love with a beautiful, upper class young woman. But after the woman refuses to marry the man, he pours acid over her in a vicious act of revenge.

Navid Mohammadzadeh, Baran Kowsari and Maryam Palizban star in the film.

Photo: Navid Mohammadzadeh (L) and Maryam Palizban act in a scene from “Lanturi”.