Thursday , 29 July 2021

Golden Cells campaign in Iran aims to promote stem cell donation

PayvandNews – “Golden Cells” is another public-led campaign in Iran with the aim of promoting stem cell donation. The campaign was initiated by those who have one way or another dealt with cancer and diseases that can be cured by stem cells and started to let others know about the stem cell bank, the campaign spokesperson Sameen Razavi told Fars news agency.

“At the beginning we started to promote this humanitarian act among our family members and acquaintances,” Razavi said, adding, “with the support of some charities we started to advertise for the campaign widely and started our activities in the framework of a campaign.”

Those who are 18 to 55 and in good health can register the donation, she explained, by taking a blood sample the donors information will be saved and whenever a patient with blood cancer or a blood disorder needs a lifesaving stem cell transplant the center will search the register and look for a genetic match for that patient.

The stem cells will be collected from the blood in a quick and easy process similar to giving blood and will be transplanted into the patient, she added, stating, the risks and side effects of this procedure are minimal.

Donation by a German saved the life of an Iranian boy

Donation by an American saved the life of an Iranian boy

“So far more than 8,000 users supported us on social media and each of our posts are shared more than 4,000 times; sometimes it takes us less than a day to find a perfect match for patient while some patients who are not aware of our campaign look for a donor by pasting flyers on the walls of the hospitals which is time consuming while time is of an essence for such patients,” Razavi noted.

Those interested in joining the campaign and getting more information can refer to Shari’ati Hospital or Blood Transfusion Organization next to Milad Hospital in Tehran.